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Napier Art Deco Festival Friday Afternoon 2010

So far behind on my Napier write up...! I've been very caught up in developing the itin for the London-Paris-Singapore trip and a few other pieces, but now the airline tickets are booked, as is the Paris apartment and the London hotel, so I can throw myself back into my beloved vintage. Which I did with a couple of purchases over the weekend, but that's another story.

It's late on Sunday evening so I'll just post a couple of pics from Friday afternoon, but there are lots of fab photos from the Opening Soiree and the cocktail party we went to on Friday evening, so the next post will be lots of gorgeousness!

These were taken in Winston's Bar at the County...a wonderful setting for a quiet cocktail, with a great atmospheric light that is excellent for photographs:

One of the great things about Napier is that you'll run into your favourite people a few times a day at your favourite haunts...here we are with Martin and Leigh, who had been to lunch at the County:

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Sunday, 21 February 2009 Art Deco Weekend, Napier

Time to wind this up - all good things must...well, you know the drill. Plus I have some new acquisitions to photograph and post!

We cleared away the Gatsby Picnic and made the (short) walk back to the County, having a fairly luxurious amount of time to get dressed. I'd hit one of those emotional highs I sometimes do - walking with dancing feet, the whole world a marvellous place. The result was some fun photos in the library that will go into a "Friends Only" post. Then it was on with the gowns - all of us in lovely, easy-to-wear velvet - before walking down the road to the Drinkies on the Deck at the Hawkes Bay Club.

Hawkes Bay Club exterior - look at the hem on Sandra's gorgeous gown! She did some restoration work on this piece. I'm wearing the now restored House of Adair dress
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I was nursing my first sore head of the weekend on Monday morning - but well earned, I have to say. Somehow we pulled ourselves together and made out way out to the airport, imagining Weekends of the future.
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1920s wardrobe

Gathered with the Napier girls last weekend at Jill's to sort out who was wearing what from my collection. Jill has been pressing, steaming and checking for repairs. Had to take a shot of this - it's not the complete day wardrobe, but it's a start! Thank goodness most of these dresses are light silks/chiffons and rayons, or we'd never get them packed in the five suitcases!

We'll be doing a few changes a day!