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Napier Art Deco Weekend Thursday Evening - twirling and lounging

Back to the County, and we had time to change for dinner. We hadn't booked in for a dinner event this year, so we thought we'd just dine fairly "casually" at The Med, the new restaurant and bar that has replaced the Aqua Bar at the Masonic Hotel. It commands a good view of the promenade, and is a great people watching spot.

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Napier Memorial Arch

Then back to the hotel for a change into the traditional lounge wear worn at the Hawkes Bay Cocktail Cascade, and to pick up our boudoir doll mascot Zoe Dee. The Hawkes Bay Club is almost across the road from the County, which is excellent - it's a short hop-skip-jump, and handy for to-ing and fro-ing:

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