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Art Deco Exhibition Melbourne - Adventures of a Cloche Hat

The alarms crashed, and I cringed. Something about my attire was not cosher...I thought quickly. My rock crystal necklace? It's on a chain - I took it off and handed it to the airline security guard. Walked back through, and the insistant  "BEEP BEEP BEEP" blared again. Could it be the zipper on my boots, I asked him desperately. 

Suddenly the penny dropped and the guard pointed at my cloche hat with the giant hatpin - "Why don't you put that through the x-ray machine?" 

Problem solved. It wasn't until we were sitting in the club lounge later that Jill pointed out that it was good thing they didn't realise that with the tip cover removed the pin was like a huge needle. But by that stage we had other concerns - like the bar not opening until 4.00 pm, and our flight due to go at midday.

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