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Ooooo dear...

Where, oh where has Sydneyflapper been?

I've been posting a lot on tumblr lately:


Although that doesn't give you quite the scope for writing longer, more descriptive posts. Still, no excuse for falling behind here on LJ...I haven't even finished my Napier run down!

Anyway, I'm out and about collecting and researching, as always. Have a look at these new fabulous gowns, with their ombre effect with the shading, and the orientalist influence in the beading:

The beading was hard to photograph with my little point and shoot...I need to get the good camera out. But you can get the general effect of the Chinese influenced stylised water, and the heavily beaded him.

Again, I couldn't photograph the beading and do it justice - need to get the better camera. Silver lined bugle beads outline the red-lined bugle beaded shapes...red diamantes in this portion of the design and clear ones up above...the background gradients of colour matched by gradiants in the beading...I do need to try and document it all!
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Napier Art Deco Weekend - The Party Begins to Hit Its Stride

Saturday, February 21st

I'd be fibbing if I said we'd gone straight to bed the night before. No, we decanted ourselves into Churchill's Bar at the hotel with Howie and a couple of other party-goers. Among the people we met there were Claire and David, visiting from the UK. I'd noticed them around town and at the Opening Soiree - it was hard not to notice them, as Claire is a stunning blonde, perfectly turned out in 30s attire, and David is her match in dashing fedoras and suits. I'd even gone up to them at the Opening earlier in the evening to have a little rave about how fabulous they looked. We finally met up in the pub and did introductions. It turns out Claire, originally a NZer, makes most of her own clothes - an extraordinarily talented woman.

We somehow made it upstairs and to bed eventually - Jill and I were sharing a room with Sandra who had retired after the Club, so there was a good deal of far-too-loud Shushing of each other as we teetered in during the small hours (about as subtle as tiptoing elephants). The next morning, when we met up for breakfast, at least one member of the party admitted to feeling "a bit delicate". Jill and Ally had gone out early to get their hair done for the day, so Alison and I enjoyed breakfast while Sandra strolled out on her latest mission. The sun, as promised, was beaming forth, and the cars and crowds were gathering.

The parasols we sported were more than an affectation - they were a practical response to the sun!

Ahem - the eyes are bloodshot pink and green to match the dress and shawl!

Jill met us at the Cafe Divine, our favourite breakfast spot. Alison split off for her own perambulations, while Jill and I hit the antique fair. After that we all gravitated towards the Masonic where Ally was having her hair done in big Clara Bow curls in the mobile beauty salon.

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Gorgeous bathing belles (after winning the Napier Bathing Belle title in 2007, I'll never contest it again!)

The others drifted back to the hotel on various missions, but I lingered a bit longer - finding Sharon and Paul in the crowd - the finally see a bit of the motor parade.

Here it is - for the vintage car fans, and those of us that just love a bit of era ambience!

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Black, Red and White - an Art Deco Palette

Paul Poiret, 1925, moire silk

One of the things we love about the 1920s is the glorgious drama of design, textile and colour. In particular, I've been drawn to the use of black, white and red in combination - sometimes with expanses of all three, sometimes with just a touch...a red rose on a black and white gown, a fan, a necklace.

Here's one of the new gowns - white beading on a black chiffon base, quite sturdy:

I'm looking to accessorise it with red...a necklace, perhaps a fan...
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