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Jul. 30th, 2010

fan cocktail dress

Meet Zelda

Some of you might remember Zoe Dee, my Boudoir Doll mascot. She's that gorgeous French silk face in the Chinese pajamas.

Now she has a cohort - an Anita Smoker named Zelda.

One of my flatmates declared her an evil opium smoker on sight, and has told me that if he *ever* finds her walking around the house, he'll destroy her. Frankly, I think that if she ever goes for a stroll, it will probably be to hit the Bombay Sapphire gin in the cocktail cabinet:

What I love about these dolls is the character you see in them - the idiosyncratic attire, the sheer attitude (I think Zelda is French, but Jill sees her as a Fast Talking New Yawker):

Jul. 19th, 2010

phone flapper

Update on Flapperdom

Just a general roundup of things that have come up lately...

I returned from the UK-Paris trip last month, with (of course!) a few 1920s goodies in my bags. An *exquisite* tabard...a striking deep pink velvet, with the front panel covered head to toe in dense gold bullion embroidery. Also an amazing blue and black sequined dress, with the sequins forming a sort of foliage pattern, and chenille embroidered Art Deco roses throughout.

Also a bronze-gold Edwardian lace trimmed satin skirt and a Victorian brown velvet and ostrich feather trimmed mantle...just for kicks! I'll photograph all as soon as possible.

I've moved to a new apartment far closer to town and with much less transportation time (yay!). Of course my room will be all Deco. I have new pieces arriving soon, but for now, it's me, the French high style Art Deco bed, and the Diana lamps. I'll be moving that poster from above the bed - I love it, but think a landscape orientated Nouveau-Deco poster I have with a good deal of red in it will look better above the bed.

I do know how to make a bed, by the way - I'd just been lounging on this one yesterday afternoon!

Wish I could have fit the whole bed in the photo, as the curved, fluted endboard is to die for.

Just starting to turn my thoughts to next year's Napier Art Deco event...

Jun. 22nd, 2010

phone flapper

Art Deco Bed

Posting this one here primarily for Jill, who doesn't have a facebook account!

I'm moving into an apartment nearer the city in a week or so (time to move the cocktail cabinet away from my friend's house...she's already missing it...).

My ever-generous mother announced she was giving me a bed as a housewarming gift.

After a day of looking at new beds, I intimated I thought antique & vintage beds were better in terms of price and quality. So we went the rounds of the antique shops. I dithered over Second Empire, turn of the century Belle Epoque, Federation, etc etc. Didn't dare dream I'd find what I *really* wanted.

And then, half an hour before closing time, we found it. There it was, in the window of one of the shops...

French Art Deco. With attached (but detachable) marble topped bedside tables.

It was love. Total infatuation. And before we could ask about it, they had a phone call from a woman who had been driving past and who saw it as well, asking for measurements (I feel almost sorry for her if she comes back tomorrow, thinking "no one is going to buy it at 5.30 pm on a Sunday evening....").

I haven't been able to get a good photo of it, as it was in the window and there was so much other furniture around...this doesn't do it justice. Can't wait until it's set up in the room! With some lovely art deco lamps on the tables. That's the current quest!

May. 17th, 2010

phone flapper

(no subject)

An interesting piece of fashion history...as well as a lovely gown in its own right. I purchased this dress recently on eBay, recognising the style as a close copy of a Jean Patou gown:



PhotosCollapse )

May. 16th, 2010

phone flapper

Hair Switches in the 1920s

An interesting little piece of 1920s fashion/social history that I picked up recently...and a vintage piece I won't be wearing! Two hair switches, with their original packaging:

More info and picsCollapse )

May. 15th, 2010

flapper Gatsby

Napier Art Deco Sunday 21 February 2010 Evening

Sunday night, and it was the usual fabulous crowd for "Drinkies on the Deck" at the Hawkesbay Club.

Jill in the Library, gliding out to the lawn:

Sunday Night ShennaningansCollapse )
phone flapper

Napier, Sunday 21 February 2010

I need to wind this up... so many 1920s fashion topics to post on! New acquisitions to photograph!

But the final day of the Festival...

Gatsby Day picnicCollapse )

Apr. 29th, 2010

fan cocktail dress

You'd never guess I wasn't a natural blonde ;-)

You might recall that a couple of months ago I wrote an entry on 1920s wire wigs:


Also to be found are vintage 1920s silk floss wigs. I recently purchased one of these - one with an integral silver bullion bandeau. It's not something I'd probably wear as it looks so odd with my dark brows, but in case you're wondering, here's what one of these pieces looks like in action. And you can't get a more authentic early 20s style then this...an actual 1920s wig! (And yes, my nose is red - I have a hideous cold at the moment).

Apr. 25th, 2010

phone flapper

What to wear to a friend's wedding...

Here we go! The Boudoir Queen dress and bustle in action. Also a BQ cloche, fashioned from 1920s fabric. I opted in the end for slightly (very slightly) more subdued boots.

One of the guests said that if I wore something that wasn't just a little OTT, they'd all be asking each other where I was.

In the vineyard...with a wild kangaroo in the background!

Apr. 11th, 2010

flapper Gatsby

Napier Art Deco Festival Saturday 20 Feb 2010 - Afternoon-Evening

I need to finish the Napier photospam wrap up - have some great new pieces that need to be written up and some 20s research posts to put together!

But, onwards!
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