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phone flapper

Dunedin and the 1920s....

As always, so much to catch up on! Some fabulous new clothing finds (yes, that means a French beaded flapper dress) and various adventures...including a visit to Dunedin to address the Otago Settlers' Museum on Orientalism in Art Deco Fashion. Here I am in full flapper mode (I love this world - what could be better than giving a lecture in 1920s vintage?):

There were some wonderful audience members - where else can you find vintage clothing fans, Babani enthusiasts, and silent film afficionadoes all gathered in a snowed in Sunday to talk about Art Deco fashion?

The venue was superb - the new wing of the museum is the old Art Deco train station, and is in the process of a major overhaul before re-opening next year. It's looking superb:

Unfortunately, after a gorgeous Saturday when we popped down to visit the Royal Albatross colony and the sealions and penguins, the biggest snow storm in fifty years hit NZ.

No, seriously. They had snow in as far up as Auckland. Many of the airports, including Dunedin, were closed. But, always looking on the bright side, it was an excuse to hole up in the hotel with a few good bottles of champagne...not to mention I finally found the right conditions for wearing my fabulous fur collar coat:

And just to polish that silver lining around the cloud a bit more, I had a call from the museum the day we were snowed in, asking if I'd like to come down and view their collection of clothing. I moved as fast as it's possible to go over ice and snow in heels, and down we went. It was like a textile candy store...not knowing exactly what was going to be in each box was such a treat. Some beautiful embroidery and beadwork...I took extensive photos for research, and the staff couldn't have been more accommodating.


*the Canadian bites her tongue and resists the urge to comment on real snow*

This sounds like a great event and outing! I love that coat. What an opportunity to go through the clothing collection, too. Wow!
Is this a record of a late reply :) And oh, you Canadians would be so amused at the idea of it having been a snowstorm that shut down the country's transport!
Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY...you have made me sooooo happy!! I am a Napier girl who has been living in the UK for 20 years.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing photos of ART DECO weekend. My parents are part of the original founding group and are so busy that Dad never takes enough photos..(well not in my book anyway!!).

So I'm going to Napier in feb for the first time in 20 years and doing a bit of research into costumes...fringed shawls and accessories....and blow me your blog pops up!! WOW....not only do I love reading blogs but on my favourite subject..even better!!!!
I used to buy vintage clothes as a teenager from charity shops..way b4 it became cool to do so but sadly I left them all in NZ (my 72yr old Mum nicked them all!)...
I hope blogger lets me comment because it has been a pain recently for me and I have had to do anonymous posts......but just wanted to say I love your blog, you have made me homesick but very happy..thankyou xxx
RUTH xxx
Hallo and my apologies for such a ridiculously late response to your note - I do hope you got to Napier and enjoyed it! If you visit again in 1913 make sure you say hallo - I'll be lecturing on evening wear on Saturday morning.
phone flapper

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