October 15th, 2009

phone flapper

Who's a lackadaisical flapper, then?

Oh, so VERY busy lately! Learning French after work for a trip to Paris and around France next year (yes, I am already sending out feelers on the vintage scene). But I have made the odd purchase, including a couple of fabulous new headpieces I'll photograph once I've got the unruly hair into proper (bobbed) order.

The big news? It's the Sydney Vintage Clothing fair this weekend, and Nicole from Circa contacted me about THIS! A completely gorgeous Chanel!!! She probably heard the delighted "eeeeeeeeeee" all the way down in Melbourne. I'm already sending out feelers on which of my professional colleagues can handle the restoration. Swags of beads...oh, bliss!  

And the other great news? The booklaunch of Nicole's book Love Vintage will be tomorrow night (ah...must remember to take the camera).

We've booked at the County again in New Zealand for next year, and the tickets go on sale soon (a bit later than usual this year). Jill, Sandra and I have just started discussing outfits...we have quite a bit of unworn frocks that would be suitable, but as usual are on the lookout for something Gatsbyish. It may be a lace sort of day, although floaty chiffon suits Sandra.