April 14th, 2009

fan cocktail dress

Beautiful things from Boudoir Queen

Copyright Boudoir Queen - image reproduced with permission

Combining the Egyptian Revivial BQ bandeau with a 1920s vintage dress

Some people shop indulgently to fill a hollowness in their lives. I tend to buy things to satisfy not an emptiness, but to express a great love and yearning for things that are beautiful. This time, it's items from the stunning new Boudoir Queen collections.

D’you ever get that little pang when something is just absolutely gorgeous? It’s not pain – not quite – but a sense of beauty so *right* it almost hurts. It’s one reason why I love taking down the large coffee table books that give free-reign to couturiers like Poiret and Lanvin – the close-ups of details mesmerize, the overarching effect of grace, wit, playfulness, elegance, or some combination of the above.

That’s the sort of treatment I’d love to see the Boudoir Queen collection photographs receive – a lush, lavish volume that does justice not just to the wonderful dresses, bandeaux, jewelery, and other lavishly detailed accessories, but also to the perfectly chosen models, the evocative make up and the photography that plays so many moods and shows the many facets of Dawn’s creativity.

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