March 10th, 2009

phone flapper

Art Deco Festival Napier, Sunday, 22 February


It was a 4.45 am start so we could pick a prime position and set up the marquee. There's a lot of cameraderie around the early morning crowd - we were in virtually the same position as last year, and some of the same folks were near us. Everyone was extremely helpful in putting the marquee together - one of the security guards, there to patrol and make sure no one jumped the gun (no marquees up before 6.00 am!) came over with his torch so we could see the parts we were sorting out.

Then back for a few hours snooze. Jill and I went into town for a couple of last minute things before we changed into our Gatsby gowns...the fur stole had a practical purpose as it was still quite early and a bit chilly. Some nice beading on this gown - it's understated enough for day wear (perhaps a wee bit dressy for early in the AM!).

That's the side of the Masonic Hotel in the background - look at that gorgeous detailing