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phone flapper

Napier Countdown Again!

Oh dear...I have been quite the remiss blogger, haven't I? But lack of updates here on LJ doesn't mean I've been neglecting to add to the 20s collection, and starting the preparation for next year's Art Deco festival. Indeed, I'll be giving the "Learned Lecture" as part of the program, speaking on Orientalism in 1920s fashion.

Most of our chit-chat has been over on facebook, but I'll start updating with photos etc here.

Meet Marion:

This was her first husband. Her mother held the view that she was not meant for a poor man and, apparently, this turned out to be true. So marriage No. 1 here was anulled, and the second time around she married a wealthy but dull man, who could afford to buy her a Patou wedding dress.

You can see she was a tall girl - fortunately for me, as I can just squeeze into the shoes you see in this picture!

I probably shouldn't tell you all that large size 1920s shoes exist...you might go looking for them!


Gorgeous! I need to find myself a pair of size 10/11 shoes....
I love the shine and texture!

Just posted about you on Burda Style - hope you don't mind

Hi I used some of your photos as research material for a 20s outfit I made for my daughter and entered it in the Burda Style Contest.
Here's the link:

I tried to make a copy of the headdress you have on your blog - and I included the pic of you wearing it in my inspiration collage. Hope you don't mind.

Re: Just posted about you on Burda Style - hope you don't mind

Oh, how gorgeous! That is stunning! The headpiece you designed is very reminiscent of a vintage one that an English friend of mine owns...I love the entire interpretation of the look.

A friend recently used the same headdress as the basis for a "Cyberflapper" digital painting for my birthday - I was going to put up a blog entry about it, and will include the link to Burda Style so readers can see another extraordinary interpretation of the 20s.
phone flapper

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